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« Être Homme, c’est être responsable » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Kangaroo Island (Adelaide group)

After getting to kangaroo island by boat with a beautiful weather we have been to a school that hosted us as we stayed for two nights in this island. Nights at this place were pretty rough because it was very cold and a bit uncomfortable but we spent such a good time with our buddies that it was a
gorgeous experience.
So the first day we went to Emu Ridge, an Eucalyptus oil farm where we have seen two big emu and learn about this farm that make Eucalyptus oil since 1991. Then we have been to Clifford honey Farm, a place where we tasted different types of honey and learned about how honey is harvested.
We had also seen the disaster of forest fires in the island, it was depressing seeing this much burned trees, ashes and even a dead kangaroo.(cf photo 1)

After the first night some of students got up early in the morning to run on throughout the nature and kangaroos it was a very pleasant experience. Then we went to the Little Sahara, in there we sand-boarded, it was awesome and very fun for us to experiment this even if it was very tiring and difficult for us(cf clip de Nathan).

We went then to the Raptor Domain and saw the Fang-tastic show. In there we helded snakes and lizards and learned about reptiles and same with some birds of prey. It was very cool seeing those snakes lizards and birds of prey as they are very impressive and beautiful.(cf photo 2 and 3) After that we went to the Seal Bay, a wonderful beach where cute seals were sleeping on the sand or playing together in the see.(cf photo 4)
For dinner reunionese students cooked a « Cari Poulet », a typical dish of Reunion. And then, finally after the second night we left Kangaroo Island leaving behind us a wonderful place but with a lot of wonderful memories.