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« Être Homme, c’est être responsable » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Adelaide Day 1

Saturday 22nd of february 2020 :

Our trip started at rolland garros Airport, in réunion island, then we went to Perth, in plane, with an escale in Mauritius. At Perth a part of the students met their host family but for nine of us, like me, Perth was just on the way to go to Adélaïde.

Sunday 23rd of February :

We just arrive to Adélaïde and all our host familys are waiting for us, they are so friendly and kind. We just went « home », take a shower, eat and go to bed because we were to tired and the next day will be a long day.

Monday 24th of february :

Today was our first day at reynella east college. We were at school for 8:40 am but the lessons starts at 9:00 am. The international exchanges manager welcomed us very well, we also met the teachers and the headmaster of the school, moreover our buddys made us a visit of the college. After that we had to do a présentation to some students in the french class, they were in nine grade, and it’s maybe because of this that they were shy but it was a good expérience. Then at 12:55 am we ate a barbecue prepared for us by the manager, it was good, Antoine ate four sausages, that was crasy, but the lunch time was short, like 40 minutes I think. After lunch we did the Réunion island presentation again but in front of seniors students. At 3:00 pm the school was finished and we went with our family, soha, juliette, my buddy and I went to thé beach and ate fish and chips, we really enjoy it. Now I’m waiting for tomorrow day.