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« Être Homme, c’est être responsable » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Sport’s Day la Réunion lé là à Reynella

Sport’s day Événement sportif incontournable dans les pays anglo-saxons. Tout le monde se mobilise pour cette journée de fête qui s’annonce « Hot » tant par la chaleur annoncée que part l’atmosphère Si particulière. Au programme des courses, des lancers, des sauts, du ballon prisonnier, des concours de shoot, tirage de corde.

Chaque eleve, chaque prof représente une couleur et tente de ramener des points à son équipe.

Passée la cérémonie très protocolaire ( hymne, profession de foi…) la Proviseur déclare ouvertes les épreuves et chacun suit son programme.

Toute la délégation Réunionnaise a joué le jeu et a rapporté des points précieux.

Un de nos reporters sur place, Marius Bourkerrou vous fait vivre cette journée :

« Sports Day for australians is a really important competition to improve their skills and to go to Santos if they win their events.
First school has 4 colors who are representing 4 teams.
Green for Bates
Red for Mawson
Yellow for Spence
Blue for Florey
All the teamates have to wear our team color and have to win as more points as possible so they can to allow their team to win.
Sports are part of athletics like javelin, shoot put, différents races ( 100, 200, 400 and 800 ) , Long jump, High jump, and Basketball shoot.
Some collective sports like « Tug of War » and « Dodge ball ».
For the beginning of this Sports day all have to meet their team for the opening Ceremony. During this, students will join their team and one by one teams will sing their Sports Day chant.
They are all sitting under a tent according to their color.
To introduce this day Nat Cook made a speech, the mayor as well and some old students involved.
There is also some food stand.
This day in the high school life is a really big event and all are determinate and serious about it.
Blue team won 4’years in raw…
For myself i played first basketball after dudge ball then tug of war and some races and jump.
I won collective sport and basketball shoot. I gained 14 points for my team!
Kenny: first I did the javelin, then I did dodgeball with the Bates, next Tug of war, after I did the long jump , the 100m and finished with shotput.
Miss Casals won the second price for running and there was 12 participants. »         Marius

G.Barthelet et E.Casals